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FITKO demo version is available for free (version 2.8)! Program is fully functional, but allowing limited number of members (only 10) and only predefined products and services! Also, only 3 (three) ID cards can be printed at once. Initially, FITKO will use English translation, however you can change this to German or any other language available when program starts. Croatian version is available at local web site - here.

Last demo revision: March, 2nd 2009.

FitKo DEMO - including translation tools

English, German,Spanish- 3,99 MB - start download

> PDF User Manual included (English) with demo <


For first login use username admin and password admin!

FitKo 2.81 User Manual PDF - 1,6 MB - start download

Feel free to give us feedback. If there are some things you would like to be changed, please let us know! If you have ideas about usefull functions that could make our software better, don't hesitate to inform us!

Translation is made using DKLang localization tool (link) - we encourage new customers to provide translations in their own languages or propose changes in available languages. Currently, spanish (Mexico) is finished and avilable.




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